Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Preparations

Alternate title: "Top (insert # later) reasons taking Christmas into our own hands was the best idea we ever had"

(Discussing what to cook for Christmas dinner)

Dad: "The only thing missing is..."

Courtney: "Drinking!"

Me: "Best Christmas ever!"

(Making grocery list)

Me: Do we have allspice?

Mom: No, but we do have vodka. I'm not having it out on the counter but you can keep it back in your room for you and Jessica.

Me: Hey, Court, I think we should make some punch too.

Courtney: Spiked!?!

Me: Dr. Survilla's mom gave me a really great recipe for a roast.

Megan's daddy: Chelsea's Marvelous Mean Dead Christmas Cow! Mooya!

Dad: We'll have to be washing our hands a lot, being around so many people. That cruise ship disease has had an outbreak in Madison this weekend.

Me: Yeah, we don't need to add disease to mental disability with all this family time...

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