Monday, December 25, 2006

Round 2

Got up at 6:30 this morning so we would have time to open presents/have breakfast/shower/etc. and get everything ready for family to come over at 12:30 to eat. The big gifts this year? My parents bought each other a new toilet, Dance Dance Revolution for my sister, and cross country skiis for me :) Oh, and Jazzi got a new bed that she is already super possessive of.

All the food turned out great, and everybody loved it. My grandparents thanked us about a billion times for making it. My cousin's boyfriend Nick came too--we had never met him yet--turns out he's a professional chef. Even he said it was all great, so I guess we must have done OK!

Here's our dining room and part of the sun porch. Great Grandma's china and silver, with paper cups. Classy!

My dad made that stained glass light fixture.

Molasses rolls, garlic mashed potatoes (a la the Stoughton country club, made by my sister), sweet potatoes, beef roast, turkey, corn chowder...mmmm

My sister's boyfriend Josiah with the 'smashed' potatoes. He's a good kid--I approve.

On the couch are my cousin Julia (and the twins in her tummy), and her boyfriend Nick (the chef). Their son Oliver is holding a wrapped present, which is actually a little drum. Courtney asked him what was in it and he said "a chicken!" because it looks like a drumstick :)

Grandma Joy and my mom trying to play DDR--fun for the whole family!

Funny highlights? I told you this side of the family is less entertaining in the humor department. Although ever since DDR, my dad has been walking around singing "ai ai ai, I'm your little butterfly" in a female Japanese pop star voice.

I also broke my news to everyone. They were all pretty excited but grandma made sure to point out that I would probably want to come home for Christmas break next year. I said "we'll see."

So that's about it for Christmas. If we don't get some snow soon, I'm going to be skiing up and down the hallway.

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