Sunday, December 24, 2006

Round 1

*Christmas Eve Day, driving to Rob and Grace's house*

Courtney: Maybe tomorrow I'll go buy some yarn so I can knit a scarf.

Dad: Well, I don't think the stores will be open tomorrow...

Courtney: Oh my God! I totally thought today was Christmas!

*Courtney is talking about her classes, and Uncle Rob walks up*

Rob: What are you lookin' at?

Courtney: The Grinch!

*I am telling Grandma Bev about my scholarship to Norway. Uncle Lonn walks in, I haven't seen him in at least a few months.*

Lonn: You suck!

Me: Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!
Ally: You are horrible people!

Rob: Hey, around here we call that family!

Me (every time anything embarrassing happened): That's it. I'm moving to Norway.

Josh (laughing): Why?! It's cold all the time, and you can't understand half of what's coming out of their mouth!

*Zac walks in with a sock over the lens of his camera*

"I...uh...may or may not have misplaced my lens cap."

My dad, my sister, and my new cousin Kyla, who I didn't know existed until we got there today.

From left to right: Jayda and Aliza sitting on their mom Jesse, their dad Darren, Aunt Grace, my cousin Josh who quit his job so he can smoke pot and drink beer all day, and the one with the...interesting hairdo is Andrew, Jesse's oldest (of 5!)

Uncle Lonn...who lost his legs in the war

Kyla has a birthmark/tuft of hair on her forehead, and Jack thinks it makes her look like Hitler so he's trying to teach her 'heil'

Aliza got this really lifelike monkey for Christmas, and my cousin Ally was seriously terrified of it

Never have children--this is what it will drive you to!

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